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Beranda » PEMANCAR » TV dual 10Kw ps 2500Wrms cast analog DVB-T/T2 ISDBT

TV dual 10Kw ps 2500Wrms cast analog DVB-T/T2 ISDBT

FEATURES TV Transmitter driving unit with digital processor for analog and/or digital emission standards (software defined) High performance (MER, Shoulders, Intermodulation…) Several configurations: Transmitter, Gap-... Selengkapnya

TV dual 10Kw ps 2500Wrms cast analog DVB-T/T2 ISDBT

FEATURES TV Transmitter driving unit with digital processor for analog and/or digital emission standards (software defined) High performance (MER, Shoulders, Intermodulation…) Several configurations: Transmitter, Gap-... Selengkapnya

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  1. TV Transmitter driving unit with digital processor for analog and/or digital emission standards (software defined)
  2. High performance (MER, Shoulders, Intermodulation…)
  3. Several configurations: Transmitter, Gap- filler, Regenerative Repeater, Transposer, Transmodulator…
  4. High reliability
  5. State-of-the-art technology

Quark Broadcasting is proud to present the Multistandard Multimode “Lion” Driving Unit for Analog and Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting (DVB-T/H, DVB-T2, ISDB-T/Tb and other standards).

The unit has been designed to take advantage of the excellence of the digital modulation systems to generate both Analog and Digital emissions.

The new “Lion” Driving Unit brings together the advantages of software defined radio with stateof-the-art technology solutions.

The optional digital processor can also provide re-multiplexing functions (with PID filtering, insertion / change of tables, etc.) and “seamless” switching between two transport stream inputs; in this way, when operating in SFN mode, the driving unit doesn’t interrupt the emission when switches between input transport streams (from primary to secondary or vice versa).

The unit is equipped with a direct digital synthesis modulator with the possibility to select any output frequency in the UHF band with 1Hz resolution.

The GNSS receiver option, specifically developed for the timing function, provides time and frequency signals (1PPS and 10MHz) necessary for the synchronization of the transmitter when operating in SFN Mode. This is a new concept Timing Reference GPS Locked generator with unique special features, with proprietary algorithms, to prevent network de-synchronization (Holdover error recovery, Single satellite operation, Fast cold start-up, Zero cumulated error, etc.) and is available in redundant configuration (double radio).

Moreover, the reference high-stability “oven type” oscillator employed is capable of maintaining the synchronization over long periods when there is an intermittent signal from the GPS satellites (holdover function). In analog transmission mode, with the GPS receiver option, the equipment can also operate in “precision offset” mode, to reduce co-channel interference.

The “Lion” driving unit can operate in redundant configuration (1+1 – dual drive) by means of an external change-over unit.


Additional features of the “Lion” driving unit also include:

  • Comprehensive monitoring and protection circuits
  • Soft Start function to avoid output power surges
  • ALC (Automatic Level Control) to stabilize the Power Amplifier’s RF output level over a limited range.

The innovative management and control board of the equipment is built around a 32 bit microcontroller with the following key characteristics:

  • Local Control from the front panel, easy and friendly, with LCD graphic display LCD and keypad
  • LAN Interface (Ethernet Base T 10/100 – RJ45 connector) in addition to RS485
  • Web Server with access protected by username/password (3 different levels of control) able to read/set all the equipment parameters
  • Event Logger (recording with date & time of all events of alarms, power-on, fault conditions etc.) with storage of more than 5,000 events and is downloadable through the transmitter’s WEB Server
  • Remote Upgrade Function for the control board firmware
  • Email Client for the automated notification, via email to pre-programmed addresses, of changes in alarm conditions
  • SNMP Agent able to send alarms (“traps”), to read equipment parameters (through the “get” command), to set the equipment (i.e. reset through the “set” command)

The connection between the transmitter’s LAN interface and the control centre can be established by means of a GPRS or UMTS modem / router, a radio data-link or an ADSL or PSTN modem.


Output level – power / frequency range: +10dBm (digital modes) +15dBm (analog modes) – 32 to 860MHz 0.5Wavg (digital modes) 1Wp.s. (analog modes) – UHF or VHF B.III band 5Wavg (digital modes) 10Wp.s. (analog modes) – UHF or VHF B.III band

Output impedance and connector: 50Ω “N” Female

Output frequency stability: ±500Hz (aging: ≤100Hz/month – after 6 months operation)

Option: ±100Hz or higher stabilities, including GPS locked reference oscillator

GNSS Locked reference oscillator option: GNSS Receiver: 12 channels; Input TNC female 50Ω;

Sensitivity: -154dBm;

1pps rms accuracy: 30nS; Power supply (for amplified antenna): +5V (excludible); 10MHz oven oscillator option aging: 1•10-9/day or 2•10-10/day


The Lion Driving Unit is a compact professional exciter, suitable for the integration in both analog and digital TV Transmitters, Transposers, Regenerative Repeaters, Transposers, Trans-modulators, Gap-fillers (DVB-T/H, DVB-T2, ISDB-T/Tb and others operating both MFN and SFN).

The equipment is fully contained in a single 19” 1U rack and is capable, according to the RF power amplifier installed, to provide up to 5Wavg digital output, and 10Wp.

  1. in analog mode.

Featuring a modular construction – with easily replaceable boards and parts – the Lion exploits the advantages of latest components and mounting technologies to achieve high-reliability and comprehensive system flexibility – all in a reduced footprint.

Maintenance, control as well as parameter changes and settings, are simple and easy-to-perform operations.

The unit can be equipped with one or more digital processor boards according to the calculation and processing capacity requested by the TV standard/s implemented for the emission. For example, if the driving unit is used for analog multistandard TV emission (B, G, D, H, I, K, K1, M, N standard) or for one of the first generation digital TV standards (e.g.: DVB-T/H, ISDB-T…) just one digital processor board is enough.

The digital processor board can store one or more different TV standard without any firmware upgrade (software defined).

If you need optional functions (like re-multiplexing, seamless switching and others) it is necessary to equip the unit with two digital processor boards. For the DVB-T2 TV standard are necessary three digital processor boards.

A key function of the equipment is the digital linear and non-linear pre -correction with the possibility to store and recall up to 8 different pre-settings. The linear pre-correction changes the amplitude and group delay versus frequency to prevent the distortions mainly introduced by the output filter of the transmitter. The non-linear pre -correction introduces a pre-distortion in the amplitude and phase based on the level required to correct the non-linearity mainly introduced by the power amplifiers, therefore giving the opportunity to increase the output power, MER & shoulder performance.

Optionally, for digital modulations, it’s possible to equip the “Lion” driving unit with the adaptive non-linear pre-correction module which automatically provides the linearization.



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